Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce Notebook

January 28, 2019

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Business excellence awards gala

The business excellence awards gala is on March 9.

Chamber of Commerce President Frankie Giroux said there are 12 awards and they’ve all been sponsored by community businesses.

“I would really encourage you to take a few minutes, It’s not hard you just have to have the name of the business and a quick reason.”

She said everyone should find five minutes ignore Facebook and go and nominate businesses, a business person or a home-based business. “There’s basically every category you can think of.”

Giroux said she finds nominating really important for the community because a lot of times community members don’t tell people they are doing a good job but will be very quick to tell someone they’re not doing a good job.

Giroux said the Chamber will continue to share the post on Facebook and in the paper.

She adds they have quite a few nominations and already we have more than any other year.

“It’s not a huge time commitment to do it, so I’m asking you before I start texting everyone on my friends list please take five minutes to do that.”

The gala will take place at the Legacy Centre and it is going to be catered by The Fix.

Giroux said they are going to do a similar format as last year. There is going to be some entertainment during the cocktail hour and then proceed with the awards gala and it will be a plate of dinner. The price is $85 and more information will be going out closer to the date.

Lake Life Expo

Robin-Lee Vance with Community Futures said the trade show is going to be a little bit different of a look this year; a little bit different branding.

Vance said the trade show this year is going to be called it the Lake Life Expo and Community Futures is helping the Chamber with the administration packages. She explained it’a slightly different format, running all day Saturday and Sunday rather than a Friday /Saturday situation.

Vance said they are working up two arenas. There will be a home based business space and a commercial space. She added they are expecting to have the beer gardens and entertainment stage, some spaces of outdoor space for booths that are better off outdoors and the Chamber and community Futures are working together to trying and get together some kids activities.

“Early bird pricing is better than last year, there are some substantial discounts for early bird pricing. That is extended until March 18. After that the pricing is the same as last year.”

Vance said the initial call for vendors has already gone out. This year Community Futures is going to put together a package with hotels and try to see if there’s entertainment in town that night so that out of town vendors have something to do in Slave Lake on a Saturday night.

“So we’re trying to put some of the material together and then we will send a second package out for additional vendors and also to our initial list with a few more details.”

Giroux said in addition, if any of businesses have staff that would love to volunteer that weekend, please contact the Chamber. She mentioned Community Futures is helping with the administration. But on that weekend the Chamber board is responsible for running the trade show and will be needing staff and volunteers from anyone to help out.

Giroux said there will be tasks throughout the day just to make this event go.

“We did move it to Saturday and Sunday because a lot of our retail businesses didn’t love the Friday because it was hard to commit people to that. I imagine Saturday and Sunday will also have some challenges there, but we can’t make everyone happy.”

Giroux said what was done last year was really similar to what High Prairie was doing with the Rod and Gun Club sort of theme and this is capitalizing on what we have here which is the lake.

“So like I said we’ve brought Community Futures in to help us with this just because we’re finding that as a board it is starting to grow beyond our capacities to run as large of an event.”

Giroux said last year she believed they had just under a thousand people through the door and they are hoping with increased promotions and a few other things that they will see even more people this year.

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