SL gymnastics club has a home and six coaches

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake Gymnastics Association hopes to offer classes starting in the fall.

Over the last two weeks, it made two big announcements which bring this goal closer. It hired six coaches and moved into 629 Main St., which is the old Acklands building.

“It is a fantastic space for us,” says Natasha Albert, one of the gymnastic association organizers. “It has concrete floors and high ceilings. It’s perfect for anything we need to do.”

Head coach Andrea Gelderman recently started, Albert says. She is new to coaching, but has a lot of experience around gymnastics. She has four children who are in aerial gymnastics and competitive cheer.

It’ll be a learning curve, but Gelderman is gung-ho and actively expanding her training, Albert says. She plans to finish level two training by October.

The week of August 12, Gelderman starts working with the other coaches. These five have completed their in-class training, will be practicing and then will complete their certification.

The association also has support from a level three instructor in Athabasca.

It is rare to see someone higher than a level three in a gym, Albert says. Coaching levels start at level one and go up.


Gymnastics club organizers and future students pose in front of their new building. Photo courtesy of Marcia McDermott .

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