Sixty-four days and counting

Speaking of elections, the federal one is not far off. On or before Oct. 21, but hardly a peep from anyone in these parts. Is that because the contest is more or less conceded already to the incumbent Conservative Party member? Arnold Viersen certainly had no trouble last time winning the hearts and minds.

So, assuming Mr. Viersen is game for another run, what is there even to talk about? The Green Party of Canada was ready any day to announce its candidate for Peace River-Westlock – that much we can report. But that’s it. It might be a snoozer – which would suit some folks just fine, of course.

Ooops, this just in: the People’s Party of Canada says it has a candidate in Peace River-Westlock – John Schrader by name. We’re trying to get hold of him for an interview.

By the way, on Aug. 4, the website had the Conservatives polling at 34 per cent, the Liberals at 32.7 per cent, the NDP holding on at 14 per cent and the Green Party at 10.9 per cent. And if you think that’s a high number for the Greens, it is – maybe even an all-timer. The party has been growing steadily the past couple of months in the popular vote polls. The Liberals have also gained a few points lately, closing in on that slight Conservative lead. It’s looking a lot like a minority government might be the result.

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