Rural area hit again! Move by Canada Post makes no economic sense

To the Editor:

The hamlet of Smith is a vibrant little rural community where a lot of outdoor activities take place and where one can enjoy clean air living.

Together with our municipal leaders we are doing our best promote and to keep it that way.

Today it has come to our attention that the citizens of Hondo and Chisholm will no longer be able to receive postal services through Smith. Their letters will be delivered into their Canada Post mail boxes; however parcels and letters that require a signature will need to be picked up in Slave Lake.

This is unacceptable!

We are losing a paid position in our community and it doesn’t make any economic sense at all.

The distance from Slave Lake to Hondo is 61 km.and from Hondo to Chisholm is 28 km., one way, which equals 89 km.

The distance from Smith to Hondo is 12 km and from Hondo to Chisholm is 28 km one way, which equals 40 km.

Looking at these numbers, 89 km x 2 =178 km per day once they push this change through. Today the cost is 40 km x 2 = 80 km. per day.

So sorting the mail in Slave Lake and delivering the letters will cost 98 km per day extra. The cost for the people who need to travel to receive their parcels from Chisholm to Slave Lake will be 83 km. one way and for the people in Hondo it will be 61 km. one way.

Again, as a rural community we get penalized. We urge you therefor to stand up and sign the letter that is available at Mirror Landing Store, Red Door Restaurant and Pumps on Main in Smith. We will collect them and send them off to the appropriate government department.

Petra de Vaan
Smith Alberta

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