Rube Goldberg has nothing on St. Mary’s inventors

St. Mary of the Lake School held an open house on May 2. It was a chance for each class to show off to parents and other visitors what sort of projects they’ve been working on. A free barbecue was part of the picture. On display in most of the classrooms were devices of the ‘Rube Goldberg’ variety – meaning complicated mechanisms for producing a result at one end by an unlikely series of mechanical actions precipitated by something happening at the other end. Most involved tubes, chutes and other things through which a marble or a ball moved.

The projects reflect the emphasis on science and technology in the curriculum.

Grade 6 student Avery Lee gets the ball rolling her Rube Goldberg creation.
Kellen Crowe launches a marble through his device in Mrs. Sargent’s Grade 3 classroom.
Autumn Lee stretches out to get things started in her device in the Grade 4 classroom.
Grade 3 students Khloe Babiy and Angella Calangian demonstrate their Rube Goldberg contraption.
Ethan Mellsen patiently sets up an array of dominos that are just going to be knocked down again and again and again. Dropping a round object in the tube on the upper left should result in the paper plane pictured being launched at the other end.

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