Rotary Club up to three things, at least

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Things are brisk in the world of the Slave Lake Rotary Club – at least that’s the impression Harry Bartlett gives. Last week he updated The Leader on three separate fundraisers – one just ending, one just beginning and one somewhere in the middle.

The one in the middle is the Grey Cup pool, which he figured last week to be around 33 per cent sold. It’s usually a sell-out, he says, and with the big game coming on Nov. 25 (in Edmonton, no less), there’s time.

The pool features two sets of tickets – each one with a game score between 0 and 40 points. The tickets are two dollars apiece.

Just ending is (or was) the Rotary Duck Drop. That was completely sold out as of last Wednesday, and the ducks were dropped from a helicopter at Gilwood Golf Club this past Saturday, during the Club Championship. The payout was $2,500.

“And just today,” Bartlett said, the every—other-year $10,000 cash raffle started. The tickets are $10 each and the draw is scheduled for Jan. 15. Tickets are available at The Business Factory or from Rotary members.

Speaking of the club, Bartlett says things are looking up, with three new members joining recently.

“It’s good!” he says.

Plans are afoot to bring in speakers on particular topics to Rotary meetings. Stay tuned for more on that.

In other Rotary news, the club is planning a fundraiser to provide relief for people hard hit by the recent super typhoon in the Philippines. It’s a grilled cheese sandwich and soup lunch on Friday, Oct. 12 at the mall in downtown Slave Lake.

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