Re-use, refurbish, Flipside’s new digital store front

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

If you’ve never been to The Flipside before or are new to the area you might mistake it for just another an apartment building.

According to owners Christy Thompson and Devon Phelps, when it was built, it was the first of its kind in western Canada a combination of residential, retail, and heated self-storage.

May 1 The Flipside launches its new online store front.

Now people have the option of buying items at home before anyone else can see them in the store, Thompson and Phelps say.

They hope the website will bring money into Slave Lake as collectors from outside can now purchase collectibles easier. Everything purchased from the website brings taxes into the community, and items sold bring income to the consignor and the store.

Consignment works on a 70 to 30 basis. 70 per cent to the owner, and 30 to the store. For handmade or refurbished furniture etc. the ratio is 75 to 25, leaving more with the creator.

The Flipside opened three years ago, on June 1 with an inventory of 52 pieces. It has now sold over 11,000 items.

Thompson and Phelps are originally from Vancouver Island, but have lived in Slave Lake for 11 and 18 years. Consignment is very common on the West Coast. It was a culture they grew up with, which is now trendy here, Thompson and Phelps say.

The store and now the online store sell many things. The main business is consignment of everything except clothes. But it also sells craft supplies, retail, including beach towels and blankets designed on Vancouver Island, custom furniture and signs.

On Sundays and Mondays, The Flipside hosts workshops. Chalk paint sign design on Sundays. Every Monday, Thompson leads a crocheting and knitting workshop with a $5 drop-in.

The store currently has some hand knitted clothing which it’s selling for the Wesleyan Church as a fundraiser for kids’ programming.

If people wish to donate furniture instead of consignment, Phelps and Thompson will likely store it until a need in the community arrives. Some furniture in the past was donated to the women’s shelter.

Buying used keeps money within the community, Phelps says.

Christy Thompson and Devon Phelps owners of The Flipside launch an online store front to augment the existing store front on 105 217 3rd Ave NW.

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