RCMP produces ‘crime map’of Slave Lake; hopes it helps

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

A new province-wide crime map project has been rolled-out in participating communities on August 21.

Staff Sergeant John Spaans of the Slave Lake RCMP detachment says the map was created in an effort to reduce crime across the province. He says the initiative was established to bring more information to the public.

“Crime mapping helps law enforcement agencies make better decisions, formulate strategies and enhance intelligence-led policing.”

Spaans explains if members of the public are able to see what types of crimes may be happening in their area they may be more inclined to report suspicious activity or take preventative measures to reduce the chances of being victimized.

None of the information on the map is private or protected and all crimes plotted on the map will be at the nearest intersection rather than a specific address.

“We have chosen to plot motor vehicle thefts, thefts from motor vehicles, break and enter Theft over/under $5,000 and mischief investigations.”

Spaans adds the data is updated daily and will remain on the map for 14 days.

The link to the crime map can be found on the Town of Slave Lake website (slavelake.ca) under the heading ‘Service’.

Spaans says the map is very user friendly.

Each of the crimes has a designated icon; the user can hover over them to see a file number, type of crime and date of occurrence.

What and where

Recent crimes in Slave Lake depicted on a new interactive map. It can be found on the Town of Slave Lake website.

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