Poplar Lane needs to get organized for a trail connection

It’s not uncommon when you’re talking to someone from the Poplar Lane area for the topic of a trail connection to town to come up. It even came up in the 2017 municipal election campaign. Brad Pearson, running for another term on M.D. council, promised to advocate for a trail linking the town trail system with the Visitor Information Centre. But has anything been done about it? Not that we know of. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride….. as the Mother Goose rhyme goes.

It is do-able, but it will probably take more than wishful thinking. The M.D. is facing a cash shortage (hold the comments, please). There is not enough money to go around for all the desired upgrades – even for roads alone. Trails are acknowledged as valuable, and the M.D has shelled out a bit of cash in the past couple of years to upgrade or build short bits of trail in Smith and north of Slave Lake to Devonshire Beach. We’re not sure about the Smith one, but the paved trail connecting Slave Lake with the beach is big benefit to the community. It keeps kids off the highway, which is all that needs to be said, really.

Some people on Poplar Lane would like to allow their children to ride bikes into town. Some would take advantage of a walking path that eliminates the worry of highway traffic. But as we say, it’s not going to fall into their laps. Some community organization, some fundraising, would kick start it and get the attention of government. There are provincial grants for this sort of initiative. That, plus local fundraising, plus municipal political support ought to be enough to get it done.

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