Pool shut-down to last another few weeks

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The annual fall maintenance closure of the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre (otherwise known as ‘the pool’) in Slave Lake goes on a bit longer than usual this year. Re-opening is expected in mid-October.

Last week The Leader got a tour of the facility and found out some of what is going on in there. The pool is of course drained and dry, and workers have already done quite a bit of patching of areas that were degraded or at least showing signs of wear.

But some of the more complicated work was entirely out of sight. In the mechanical room, for example, a whole panel of control equipment had already been replaced, and according to Kyle Paulson of the college, the same has to happen for an electrical panel.

“The chlorine in the air corrodes it,” he says.

Downstairs, more rehab is going on with filters and pipes, including work on the system that provides water for the hot tub, which has been having some problems.

Paulson says such facilities (the pool generally) are expected to have a lifespan of about 30 years. One way of extending that, he says, is to do a lot of maintenance. That’s what’s happening with the NLAC this year. It’s inconvenient, but should result in a longer life for the facility.

No diving, please. The swimming pool is empty and getting patched up.

Kyle Paulson of Northern Lakes College explains the process of replacing the sand in the filters for the hot tub.

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