Police seek help in solving picker truck theft

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It turns out those people that broke into a store in Kinuso on Nov. 6 and stole guns had been busy earlier in the evening in Slave Lake on another criminal caper.

According to a Dec. 4 Crime Stoppers release from the Slave Lake RCMP, the suspects had stolen a picker truck. We don’t keep track of such things, but in this might be a first in the annals of crime for Slave Lake.

“At approximately 0330 hrs, a vehicle occupied by approximately four people gained entry to an industrial yard in Slave Lake,” says the release from Staff Sgt. John Spaans.

The release goes on to say the culprits cut a lock, got into the unnamed yard and stole a picker truck. It was later found abandoned 20 kilometres west of Slave Lake.

What the thieves had in mind for the picker, Spaans did not venture to speculate. If it was to aid in their break-in at Kinuso Mercantile, apparently that plan was abandoned. Because they showed up there several hours later and committed the break-in and theft previously reported.

Also reported was the arrest of two suspects in the Kinuso break-in near Barrhead. Spaans’ release does not say anything about that, but requests public help in relation to the picker truck theft incident. This suggests the arrest of the pair in Barrhead did not answer outstanding questions in the case. Also, the truck found at the Barrhead arrest was not the one that appears in the security camera pictures.

“We were unable to associate the two suspects in Barrhead to this theft,” said Spaans in a subsequent email to The Leader. He’s hoping somebody will recognize the truck.

If you can help, call Slave Lake RCMP at 780-849-3999, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

The truck used in the Nov. 6 theft.

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