Plenty of podiums for Rams wrestlers at U of A Butterdome tournament


On January 31 the Roland Michener wrestling team departed for Edmonton for the University of Alberta Butterdome tournament. It’s a classic annual tournament that they go to.

The tournament is high calibre and includes wrestlers from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It started with the junior high students wrestling in the morning. They got off to a great start with 17 wrestlers competing in hopes for winning gold. Jared Sand wrestled really well and came up with a silver medal finish as well as Liam van Roon. Misha Davies wrestled well to a third-place finish. Kaitlin Sherrard got silver, as she wrestled to the top using her famous spear technique.

Rookie sensation Brooke Evans also wrestled her way to a fantastic silver medal finish. Miranda Samuelson wrestled extremely well and nearly pulled off a fireman‘s carry, a very challenging move for the second time this season. This is Miranda’s first year and she has been dominating on the mat, beating numerous veterans.

Katarina Holden wrestled aggressively, proving herself as a dominant female in the 50 kg class. Courtney Reason also wrestled well and finished second overall in her class.

Tayaab Khadim wrestled to a silver medal finish. Veteran Zane Fillion wrestled like a champ, beating all of his opponents except one.

Oscar Horsman was another example of an up-and-comer, putting his place on the mat in a bronze finish.

The Rams wrestled through pain and injuries in the the tournament and dominated on the mat.

Next tournament is at the end of the month and is the qualifier for provincials. This tourney is called ‘rurals’ and is held in Lethbridge.

Robbie Rowe, left, and Zane Fillion grapple on Feb. 3. The Rams are preparing for a tournament in Lethbridge at the end of February.

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