Peace officer gets in trouble for shooting a cougar

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

One of the more interesting news tidbits coming out of the Rural Municipalities Association conference last month had to do with the shooting of a cougar.

Councillor Brad Pearson, reporting on the conference at the M.D. of Lesser Slave River council meeting on Nov. 28, said an M.D. of Smoky River peace officer, “almost went to jail,” over it.

What had happened was a farmer had asked for help of the peace officer when a cougar was bothering his cows. The officer shot the beast, and then got in trouble with Fish & Wildlife over it, actually getting charged.

What councillors heard at the conference was that it’s okay for a farmer to shoot a cougar to defend his livestock, but not anybody else.

In other news from the RMA conference, several resolutions were passed including one on Internet access. Another proposed the registration of scrap dealers, “so they slow down the theft of copper,” said councillor Jeff Commins.

Pearson said the problem of industry “walking away from environmental responsibility,” was discussed. This has to do with pipelines, well sites, etc.

“It shouldn’t be on municipalities’ back,” he said. “They’re getting hit with the bills.”

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