Painted rocks showing up in odd and unexpected places

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

A new trend has put a smile on the faces of residents of Slave Lake the past few weeks.

That trend is painted rocks.

Ashley Ballard Leonard, creator of SL Rocks, says the idea all started when her and her mom Brenda were on Vancouver Island a few years back. Her mom found a painted rock, so they thought about doing a group for painted rocks in town. Leonard says her aunt Shelley Hutchison, who works at Vanderwell Lodge in town, got the seniors to paint rocks for a craft and hide them.

“Once a fair amount of rocks had been hidden we decided that now was the time to start the group up and to paint more rocks to hide around town.”

Leonard says now many people of the community are painting rocks and hiding them.

“It’s a kindness thing,” she says “If someone is having a bad day and comes across a random rock, it usually puts a smile on someone’s face to brighten their day.”

Leonard also brought rocks with her on holidays and now she has travelling rocks. She says people who join the group will see three people posting the rocks they found in The States that Leonard had hid there. The people who found the rocks re-hid them in new locations.

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