Operation Safe Driver targets driver behaviour issues

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Safety on highways is a big deal, requiring constant effort. Last week the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) agency, along with partners from other organizations got together to put a sharper focus on driver behaviour. Called ‘Operation Safe Driver,’ it had officers out and about around the region, paying attention to what drivers were doing and writing plenty of tickets.

For the CVE branch, “It’s a week of putting aside the inspection component (for the most part),” said Sgt. Rob Livingston. “We’ve been looking at speeding, distracted driving, seatbelts.”

There wasn’t exactly a shortage of work.

“It’s been busy!” Livingston said, on Thursday morning. “I think people (drivers) get too busy, don’t remember the finer points of the rules of the road.”

Joining CVE in the effort for Operation Safe Driver were the RCMP and town and M.D. (or county) law enforcement officers.

It wasn’t just a matter of writing tickets. Livingston said there was an education component. One area of focus on the education side had to do with safe operation around large trucks and buses.

“Give them the distance,” he said. “We want to reduce collisions.”

Otherwise, the regular business of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement continues. Livingston said commercial traffic this summer has been “steady to busy,” with the log haul never really taking a break. Oilfield hauling is part of the picture as well. There have been some over-weight issues, Livington said, and operators should know CVE is out there. They caught somebody recently who was 5,000 kgs over the limit.

“They’re making choices,” he said. “That’s why we carry our portable scales.”

Another caution from Livingston: obey the speed signs in construction zones. Somebody got hit with an $800 ticket recently for 40 over the posted speed. Fines double when workers are present.

In other news from Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, the crew in Slave Lake are short-staffed, which Livingston says isn’t unusual. Finding good people willing to work in the north – and stay in the north – is always a challenge.

Transport Officer Sarah Brunschwiler of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Town of Slave Lake Peace Officer Mark Becker, two the team involved in Operation Safe Driver last week.

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