Now back to the important stuff

What a relief. The recent election campaign was a grueling one – and that was just for the people watching from the sidelines. Only those campaigning know how much effort it took, and how much unpleasantness they had to endure. There was quite a bit of it.

But we’re not going to get into that. Hopefully we can get back to ‘normal’ now and focus on work and family and friendship and community-building.

Elections don’t bring out the best in everyone, and the way some people were behaving they apparently don’t think good manners are all that important. But life goes on, and finding ways to get along with our neighbours – regardless of their political or other views – is pretty important.

That’s the view from here, at any rate.

Whoever got elected (unknown at the point of this writing), best of luck to them in tackling the challenge of government. If they are first-timers, they will find it isn’t nearly as easy as they imagined – or pretended to – during the campaign.

All the best to them.

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