No cash in the town kitty

Council turns down request for funding special event

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Town council discussed a request from the Wounded Warriors Weekend organizers for municipal assistance at its July 3 meeting.
“They’re looking for some sponsorship,” said mayor Tyler Warman, leading off the discussion. “They would like the MRC.’
The cost of rental waived, in other words. It wasn’t in the documents in front of him, but Warman said he was sure the group had asked for a monetary donation as well. Either way, the idea got no support from councillors.
“I’m not in favour of using taxpayers’ money for that,” said councillor Julie Brandle.
“We have no budget for it,” said Warman, noting that in order to reduce the tax burden, council had made the decision at budget time to scrap a fund for community donations. Having made that decision, it should stick with it, was the idea. Brandle and Warman both added that as business owners they would donate and thought that was the appropriate way to deal with it.
A motion to make the donation was unanimously defeated.

Public Rail Safety Week

September 23 – 29 is Public Rail Safety Week in Slave Lake, thanks to a proclamation by mayor Warman. This came per a request from CN Rail, as it does every year. The goal is to raise awareness of the risks and reduce accidents. In its letter to the town, CN says it will be conducting “hundreds of safety initiatives” in communities throughout the week. It did not say if any would be in Slave Lake.

Housing business plan

Included in council’s package was the 2019 – 2021 business plan for the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority.
“They’re asking us for our blessing,” said councillor Julie Brandle, who also happens to be the LSLRHA chair.
Included in the plan is a goal of adding two 20-unit apartment buildings in separate locations in Slave Lake (locations not specified). These would replace 41 single-family homes currently in the RHA inventory. The new units would be more energy-efficient, Brandle explained, as well as costing less to operate and be easier to manage.
The plan would be to sell off the single family homes when the apartments are completed.

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