NLC Continuing Education expanding it’s variety of courses

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Northern Lakes College Continuing Education and Corporate Training (CE&CT) is adding to their list of courses.

CE&CT is offering two new general interest non-credit courses this fall and is starting to offering a new business management certificate.

People who have an idea of a course that they’d like to teach or one that they’d like to take can contact CE&CT at or 780-849-8623.

Most courses are available online in asynchronous style, which means they are recorded ahead and students can do the course at their own pace.

NLC offers a variety of general interest non-credit courses. New this fall are a series of podcast courses and another series on nutrition.

Matt Marcon and Jordan Gaskell, from Liberty Multimedia, will be teaching the podcast course.

Samara Baalbaki is a liaison with Northern Lakes College CE&CT. She was approached by Marcon and Gaskell about offering the course.

“They’ve (Marcon and Gaskell) been working with a lot of schools and Métis groups,” Baalbaki says. “People seem to be wanting this type of stuff.”

There will be three two-hour online live courses to start, then they will be available asynchronously. The first one is September 24 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Ula Naszynska, of Ula’s Active Rehabilitation in Slave Lake, is offering two nutrition courses. The first course – Nutritional Meals on a Budget – is on October 10 from 6 to 6 p.m.

The podcast and nutrition course and other CE&CT courses are online.

On the certificate side, NLC is transitioning into being the only college in Canada to offer PEMAC’s Asset Management Professional Certificate Program.

This course is available online.

PEMAC stands for Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada.

“The program is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds (IT, engineering and business management)” says a joint PEMAC and NLC media release.

The certificate is made up of six courses.

In April, 2019 NLC began to offer the first course. In September, it offers the first two. By January 2021, all six will be offered through NLC. For those people who want to finish before then, the higher level classes will continue to be offered through Humber College in Ontario.

“Participants develop the capacity to engage others and build their knowledge and skills in key subject areas such as risk management, knowledge management (enterprise database systems), while being introduced to tools that will enable strategic decision making at each stage of the asset lifecycle,” says the media release.

Prices vary, but most are under $200. People interested in learning more about these courses and others can check out

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