Nineteen medals for locals at taekwondo meet

Leader staff

Members of Slave Lake’s AB Taekwondo Club took part in a tournament in Edmonton on May 25. Nineteen of them won medals – in sparring, patterns or both.

According to information received from coaches Alexander and Ava Briones, club members won five gold, six silver and 17 bronze medals.

Beginning with gold, winners of that coveted prize were Kamora Cardinal (in sparring), Alexa Briones (sparring and patterns), Akio Cijon Thapaliya (sparring) and Jaiden Ducusin (sparring).

Winning silver medals were Gabriel Menier in sparring, Maelle Sloan in sparring, Jaiden Ducusin in patterns, Zane Fillion in patterns, Erika Holden in sparring, Renz Carl Cirilo in sparring, Charisse Calves in sparring and Connor Kinahan in sparring.

Picking up bronze medals were Kaiden Dreelan (patterns), Riley Flanagan, Ali Kahwaji, Hunter McGrath, Keaton Marschner and Talus Minchau (all in both sparring and patterns). Other bronze winners were Kaylee Beaver (sparring), Sam Carson (sparring), Gabriel Menier (patterns), Zane Fillion (sparring) and Charisse Calves (patterns).

Slave Lake competitors Hunter McGrath, Riley Flanagan and Kaiden Dreelan (the three on the left) at the Grant McEwan University Sports & Wellness Centre in Edmonton during the Alberta Open tournament on May 25.

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