New regional library manager eager and ready to learn

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Kendra Mcree, the new regional manager of the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library, Smith Library and Flatbush Library, chatted with your Leader reporter last week and told us about how she’s finding the new position.
“I’ve been interested and involved with the library for many years so when I saw the application I jumped on it!” she says. “I saw it and knew I would love it, it’s a real career fulfillment for me.”
Prior to her new role at the library, Mcree worked as a community adult learning co-ordinator for Slave Lake Adult Education.
“My work experience there definitely applies to the library – there were only two of us working and a lot of duties would be considered managerial,” she says. “My job as regional manager is to oversee staff, administration and operation of all three libraries and that’s a really short way of encompassing my full job. I really like it!”
Mcree adds, “I have a great set of staff and I really enjoy interacting with the public when I can. My old job I worked from home so this is a big change for me but a good one.”
Speaking of changes, Mcree says she’s gone ahead and hired a new program co-ordinator who starts at the end of July.
“Her name is Pam Lacomb,” she says. “We’re trying to meet needs for youths in the community so new programming could be up and running by September or October. You won’t see any immediate changes to our programming – I’m still focusing on learning the job.”
Right now the library is hosting the TD Summer Reading Club and according to Mcree, patron participation is on the up and up.
“It’s been quite a bit more successful than previous years which is great,” she says. “I think it has a lot to do with the outreach we did through the schools.”
The library has brought in two performers as part of its summer programming; next up Mcree says is Mullan the Magician on August 16th.
“The show is in the Government Centre lobby and is free for families,” she says.

Kendra Mcree


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