New pharmacy owner hopes people ‘will see the difference’

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy has opened its doors on January 21 at 102 6 Ave SW, Slave Lake (right between Mary Brown’s Chicken and Subway).

Pharmacist and Medicine Shoppe owner Megan Tanner says Medicine Shoppe is different than other pharmacies with a small, intimate setting and a focus on each person’s total health beyond prescriptions and medication.

Tanner explained she wanted to be able to provide individualized personal care for everybody that walks through the doors, with no pressure to buy a certain product, medication or service.

“I wanted to be able to have as much time as possible to spend working directly with patients to help them achieve their health goals.”

Tanner says she genuinely cares about the health of every patient, both inside and outside the pharmacy. She added she wants to learn patients’ names, get to know them and make their health needs her priority without having to worry about all the other things that come along with a bigger chain pharmacy.

“I’m hoping to build awareness, because once people come in and see that it’s small, intimate and really welcoming environment then I think they’ll see the difference.”

Tanner moved to Slave Lake in 2014 from Nova Scotia. She has a fiancé she met two years after moving to town, and a nine-year-old soon to be step-son. She attended Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia studying chemistry and psychology for three years and then went on and to do her four year degree in pharmacy.

Tanner says she has always wanted to become a pharmacist.

“I think it’s honestly because I did think about being a doctor, but I’m not into blood so I figured this was kind of the next best thing to do to be able to help people.”

Tanner explains she has always been one for helping people. She states all her jobs growing up to have been like that.

Tanner had been a lifeguard, a swimming instructor and a first aid instructor.

The store’s official opening was on the 21st. The grand opening week is February 25 and there is a plan for a ribbon-cutting ceremony with cake and refreshments on the 27 of February.

Initially until Tanner gets busier and obtains more customers she says she is going to be a one-women-show then look at bringing on an assistant later on.

Tanner mentioned something that will set her apart from other pharmacies is that in October, she went to Florida to take a course in compounding. She says compounding is ‘basically’ customizing medications and making them from scratch.

It was a 48 credit hour course. To put that in perspective a pharmacist in Alberta only needs 50 credit hours a year to keep their license, so it’s really extensive, says Tanner.

Tanner says it is not something she is able to start right away, but once she gets settled she plans to do a lot of the compounding “So basically if somebody can’t swallow a pill, but the medication is not available as a liquid I could make that liquid, from scratch for them.

I have a separate room in the back that’s going to be designated for the compounding.”

Tanner adds she even learned how to make ingenious dosage forms like lollipops with cough medicine for children. She also gained the ability to make dog treat or cat treat veterinarian medications.

“I can even take out certain fillers and avoid dyes and things for people with sensitivities or allergies to gluten. Or if they want to be vegetarian and are wanting to avoid those.”

Tanner also does travel consultations and review of people’s immunizations and prescribe and administer anything that someone may be missing.

Tanner says she is also has her license to be a prescribing pharmacist.

Owner/pharmacist Megan Tanner.

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