New opportunity to get out on the lake in Widewater

Paddle boards and kayaks available

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

There’s a lake access tucked away across the bridge from the Widewater Community Complex. It opens out onto two bays.

Kili Osadchuk lives in the blue house with the pink accents across the road. Starting in late July, she’s partnered with Mike’s Kayak Shak in Slave Lake to offer paddle board, kayak, and canoe rentals.

She started the rentals because “I tried it and I was hooked,” Osadchuk says. “It’s so fun. It’s a great way to get on the lake, for people who don’t have a boat.”

The bays are usually calm, Osadchuk says. It is a beautiful area and she hopes more people will come and check it out.

“Sunsets are unbelievable,” she says. “The way the light shimmers on the lake. It’s magical. Like you’re not even in the same place.

The kayaks are open, not the traditional type where a person strapped in, so they are very good for beginners. There is also a fishing kayak for anglers.

“My son went out, he took the fishing kayak,” Osadchuk says. “He caught a perch, and further out he caught a jack fish.”

Rentals are $25 a hour and $30 during sunset hours.

Osadchuk has had lots of interest. Rentals are delivered to the lake access or can be picked up at her place.

Osadchuk moved to Widewater when she was 15. She’s lived there since. She has big plans for the area. She wants to see more tourism in Widewater, because she loves living there and being out in nature especially on the lake.

The next plan is to add solar lights on the beach. If the kayak rentals go well, she’s thinking of renting fishing shacks in the winter.

Here’s how it’s done

Tanner Noel and Ali Osadchuk floating on kayaks and paddle boards.

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