New health venture for Slave Lake

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Medically developed weight loss and weight management program Ideal Protein has come to Slave Lake.

The business will be run by new community member and pharmacist Erin Albrecht out of the new Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.

Albrecht says Ideal Protein is a program designed for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. She explains how it works is the program has four phases and the first one is the weight loss phase.

The most restrictive part of the program. She mentions phase one is determined by how much weight a person wants to lose.

“If you just want to lose 20 pounds well, it might be 10 to 12 weeks. If you need to lose 100 pounds it might be closer to a year that you stay in phase one.”

Phase two and three are more to get you into learning the fundamentals of food and how it impacts your body, says Albrecht.

Phase four is about maintaining ideal weight and it is a year long or can continue forever if a person would like. She says her goal in it is to really focus on keeping the weight of.

“I’ve heard lots of stories that this program works for weight loss, if you follow it right it works and you lose weight,” says Albrecht. “But again and again I hear people say the weight comes back and I know the scientific evidence shows that that yo-yo dieting is worse on your health.” “My goal in the entire venture is going forward to help people live that lifestyle at their desired weight.”

Albrecht says you need to be a health professional of some kind to own an Ideal Protein clinic so it’s a bit exclusive.

A big difference between the program and other programs such as online ones is those one on one weekly consultation with a health professional adds Albrecht. She says when she and her family moved to town back in September she didn’t want to work full time, she wanted to work casual part-time so she could be with her family at the same time.

Albrecht says she was also looking for a new start with her health so she wanted to find some activities and to get eating healthy.

But as time went on Albrecht says she wasn’t successful in finding the position she wanted or had done the healthy eating.

Around Christmas time she came across Ideal Protein. Shad looked into it before when she owned her own pharmacy in Manning Alta., but she was stressed from owning her own business and didn’t have the time. So when she came across it again she thought it would be something she would like to do where she could work with clients and work from home.

Albrecht then partnered up with Megan Tanner of Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy to open a clinic inside her store.

“I will be starting the program for the first time myself and I’m really excited because I’m gonna go along with my clients and you know we’re both gonna be having struggles and learning together.”

Albrecht explains she had also been a Weight Watchers leader before and hoped there would be weight watchers in Slave Lake, but there wasn’t. She says she could have started one, but the dilemma with that program is you have to be at your goal weight to be a leader and that’s really hard.

“This program I can start a weight loss journey myself and also take on clients, so I’m excited, but also nervous and scared.”

Albrecht says when you start in your weight loss phase one you are to eat Ideal Protein products morning and lunch.

She says Ideal Protein has created 80 products and some of them include things such as pancakes, omelets, and veggie chili.

Albrecht adds you then eat three protein snacks throughout the day. She says you will need to eat two cups of vegetables with lunch and two cups of vegetables with supper and your own lean protein. She says that can be a steak, chicken breast, fish or any kind of protein of your own making. You must drink water and you must do a food journal.

“So a really interesting concept of how the program works is it cuts out the carbohydrates, so there is no sugar, no breads, no dairy, no alcohol, no pop.”

You can have coffee and you can have any kind of artificial sweetener Stevia or Splenda and you can have two tablespoons of milk.

They say the food tastes really well says Albrecht, adding there are 8,000 recipes to be made out of the 80 products they sell.

To meet with Albrecht there is a one-time consultation fee of $200 and then the food costs anywhere between $120 to $130 a week.

The grand opening was on February 27 and there was also a ribbon cutting that day for the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy, which opened up earlier in the month.

Ideal Protein consultant Erin Albrecht showing what five pounds of fat looks like.

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