New addition to the High Prairie School Division divison

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Remax Slave Lake owner Steven Adams, is now the High Prairie School Division’s new school board trustee, after a by-election was held by the school division for a new trustee on February 4th.

“Well first off it was a great little run for the election,” says Adams. “Sean had a whole bunch of great points and how he was campaigning was was good. I kind of learned a lot from him. So it was good.”

Adams says the election ended up being fairly close. He adds, It’s too bad the voter turnout was down, but it was totally understandable with it being a by-election and the temperature being minus 30.

Adams says after he was told he had won the by-election, a lot of the board members reached out right away, which was nice. He adds even the local teachers have reached out to congratulate him as well.

Adams says right after he got the news the schools all went on teachers convention so it gave him a little breathing space to get organized and things together before his orientation.

Adams says he went in on Tuesday, February 12 to do orientation and do any declarations he has to make.

“The next school board meeting is on February 20th, which gives me some time to read everything that’s coming up and do some research.”

Adams says he will be going to High Prairie once a month to attend meetings. He says there has been talk of moving meetings to Slave Lake, but it just isn’t feasible to do so.

Although, Adams says he would like to make meetings some how more accessible to the general public to keep people informed.

Right now Adams says he has been in contact with Ali Mouallem, another trustee from the ward who is pretty excited and has been helping catch him up to speed on everything going on.

Adams says he wants to thank everyone who voted and supported him in the election.

Steve Adams, the new HPSD school board trustee.

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