Names in the news: Allarie, Barton, Attrux

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The Town of Slave Lake’s Naming Committee has been on the active side in recent months. It made two recommendations to town council for naming town facilities; council accepted both, and signs for at least one of them should appear in 2019.

That’ll be for the Allarie Trails, the name given to the paved trail system in town. They are named for former mayor and prominent businessman Gerry Allarie, under whose leadership the trail system was conceived and launched back in the 1990s.

Having approved the name, council’s next task is to allocate the money for appropriate signs. The committee heard last week that this has been done. The plan at this point is to have one main sign (location to be determined) that explains something about the person being recognized. Then there’d be a series of smaller signs at key points, probably resembling street signs. Vandalism is an acknowledged concern, and is being taken into consideration, says Garry Roth, the town’s community services director.

The second approved naming is of the major park in the southwest part of town. Council recently accepted the committee’s recommendation to call it ‘Dennis and Wendy Barton Park.’ It recognizes the Bartons’ huge contributions to the betterment of the community for over 50 years.

As for when the sign at the park might be installed, Roth says stay tuned. First the Allarie Trails; later Barton Park.

That brings us to the name Attrux. Laura Attrux is the legendary community health nurse who served in the area for parts of three decades when there were no doctors or hospitals. The naming committee is pursuing the idea of naming the Family Care Clinic for Dr. (honorary) Attrux. The idea – brought to the committee by member Harry Bartlett – is in its early stages. It has received so far the endorsement of the Slave Lake Hospital Auxiliary. Next is to present it to the provincial health authorities. Stay tuned on that also…

The late Gerry Allarie, former mayor of Slave Lake.

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