Most trails open in SL

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Fish and Wildlife opened most of the trails in Slave Lake. The only closed section is between Roland Michener and 6th Ave. SE.

Both the railway bridge and one into Schurter Park are open. The trails between 6 Ave. SE and Hwy. 88 and along Hwy. 88 are open.

All of the bear traps between 6 Ave. SE and Hwy. 88 have been removed. However, there are still a few bears in town, so people should be cautious. Bear number 20 was captured in Slave Lake on September 26.

It’s been a busy year, says Jeremy Lindsay, Fish and Wildlife officer.

“Be mindful, we are in bear country,” says Lindsay. “We continue to struggle with people not removing fruit from their fruit trees, especially apples, since a bear will sit and eat every apple. If they have an attraction in their yard, they’re putting their neighbours at risk.”

The other big issue is people not carefully storing garbage. If possible people should store it in their garage.

There’s an old saying “A garbage bear is a dead bear,” says Lindsay. It’d be a shame if bears had to die, because people don’t store their garbage carefully.

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