More is better

Somebody (a newcomer) was commenting the other day about how many service organizations there seem to be in Slave Lake. Are there really more than elsewhere? Maybe there are and maybe it’s because there’s more need. There is a lot of stuff at play in the community – good and not so good. It’s not the same as your average two-elevator farming town.

Not that they don’t have their difficulties. One of them is aging population and general population drain to the cities and the loss of amenities. That is not so much Slave Lake’s situation. It tends to draw people from outlying communities. This is good in some ways and not in others.

Anyway, we have a lot of volunteer organizations tackling a host of issues. And never enough volunteers. It’s impressive and a bit scary. Generous donations from the business community are a big part of the picture. A lot of things work in a robust economy and struggle in a weak one.

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