MLA praises work of animal rescue group

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Lesser Salve Lake MLA Danielle Larivee visited the Animal Rescue Committee (ARC) on May 23 for an updated tour of the shelter and to celebrate the work that has been done.

Larivee said when people look back on the fire seven years ago ARC was instrumental in supporting animals that were evacuated. ARC took in about 300 animals over a period of about five days during the dislocation caused by the wildfire disaster.

“The Community has come a long way since the fire,” she said.“But it’s something important to our community and the shelter was a part of that.”

Larivee explained that even before the shelter was built, ARC worked very hard to support animals. Arc is a perfect example, she said, of a community coming together to raise money and also put in the volunteer efforts. She added it takes a lot of time and people at the shelter keeping it not only clean but also making sure animals are safe and well taken care of.

“We’ve actually over the last three years since 2015 been able to give them a grant for $125,000 towards the building.”

Larivee said seeing volunteers is always the best part of coming to the shelter along with seeing the animals.

“Everyone loves animals and I do too, puppies in particular.”

Animal Rescue Committee Chair Dennise McIntyre and Vice Chair Vanessa Bjornson took Lesser Slave Lake MLA Danielle Larivee on an updated shelter tour to see the progress they have made since her last visit.

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