May 25 COVID-19 update: Slave Lake stable, three new cases elsewhere

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake area remains at five COVID-19 cases – all recovered. Over the weekend (May 23 and 24), Alberta Health Services (AHS) confirmed three new COVID-19 cases in the AHS North Zone.

The new cases were in three regions. These are one in the M.D. of Smoky River, one in MacKenzie County, and one in the County of Grande Prairie.

On Monday, May 25, there were no new cases. The North Zone has 235 cases. Of these, the majority (201) have recovered.

There are 19 active. Two of the active North Zone cases are in the hospital, however none of these people are in intensive care (ICU).

The last North Zone death was announced on May 10, so there haven’t been any North Zone COVID-19 deaths in over two weeks. This means the North Zone remains at 15 deaths. This is the second most deaths in the province by region, but it is far below the Calgary Zone numbers (101), which has the most.

On May 25 in Alberta, 45 people are in hospital, of whom five are in ICU. There are 762 active cases across the province, 5,979 recovered, and 138 (three new Monday) deaths.

The deaths are in five of the six AHS Zones – Calgary 101 (three new); North 15; Edmonton 13; South eight; and Central one.

Unless something news worthy happens the next COVID-19 update will be Friday, May 29.

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