‘Mario World’ takes over St. Francis school

Ava Scully lets a toy car go down a ramp. She explains the theory behind the project, which has something to do with the principle of momentum overcoming gravity, or inertia (or both). The project was called ‘The Ultimate Mario Jump.’ Also pictured is Tricha Cajayon.
Nikosis Isadore experiments with one of several ramps set up in the lobby of the school. They were a joint effort of Grade 7 and 10 students.
St. Francis Principal Angie White said in an email to The Leader the week-long project was “designed around curriculum outcomes for science and English. So it wasn’t just about working up science projects on the Mario theme, but communicating them effectively as well. This is one of the better examples of the communication side of a project. (Just don’t ask us to explain what it means!)
Ethan Mellsen tries out one of the Mario-themed, Rube Goldberg-influenced mini-golf thingies at the St. Francis School’s Mario World showcase on Nov. 28 in Slave Lake. Grade 8 and 10 science students had created several of the devices.
Brooklynn White explains to a baffled reporter how the Biology 20 and 30 students incorporated their studies on genetics into a Mario-themed project, as displayed. What they did, she says, was combine the genes of two Mario characters, to create a new game character.

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