Mapping life’s journey through spiritual guidance

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Intuitive spiritual guide/medium and empowerment life coach Connie Thorne taught a workshop on Sunday, October 14 at Slave Lake Yoga.

The workshop was called Mapping Life’s Journey.

Thorne says the workshop was a healing and awakening journey from the dreams of a person’s arrival on earth, through the stages of their lives and the stories they have created.

“Taking the time to explore and heal their past will allow them to move forward with their future,” she says.

Thorne explains the process included guided meditation and empowerment/transformational coaching tools.

She worked with a deck of oracle cards (cards used for divination, fortune telling, astrology, and spiritual guidance) close to her heart. She adds the cards are about mapping life’s journey.

Thorne says she has developed her own relaxed style of helping people discover and let go of the things in life that are no longer serving them. Thorne explains she uses her skills as a past life healer to guide clients into a meditative state to explore the past and cut the cords to the events that have come forward to now.

Thorne says in the workshop she wanted people to be kinder to themselves about the things they have done in life or in their thinking about where people thought they should be and what they should be doing in life.

“The journey is a very personal and spiritual experience.”

The workshop was a five-hour-long event and each participant received their own personal deck of oracle cards, journal and pen.

Corrie Thorne sitting in a healing circle at one of her workshops at Slave Lake Yoga.

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