M.D. of Lesser Slave River Council notebook

June 26, 2019 meeting
Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Legacy Centre agreement

Reeve Murray Kerik brought the news that the M.D. has agreed to fund the deficit in the operation of the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake on the same formula as it contributes to other Slave Lake recreational facilities. That’s a proportion of the cost based on the population split – something around 20 per cent vs. the town’s 80 per cent.

By the way, said councillor Jeff Commins, the kitchen at the Legacy Centre is “filthy. It has to be looked at.”

Kerik said he’d follow up.

Financial status

“We’re in reasonably good shape,” said director of finance Pat Sibilleau, starting off her monthly report.

By this she was mainly referring to revenues and expenditures being generally on track. She fielded a couple of questions on what appeared to be anomalies. One had to do with 61 per cent of the admin. budget having been spent as of May 31. This is due to contracts having been paid out early, she said, with the work to be done through the rest of the year.

LSL Watershed Council

Reporting on the highlights from the annual general meeting of this organization, councillor Brian Rosche said $10,000 was handed over to the Forest Education Society. That organization’s long-time executive director, M.J. Munn-Kristoff, announced her retirement, Rosche added.

Another highlight was the report on bird migration monitoring from Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory ED Patti Campsall. She told the group (Rosche said) about certain radio signal-equipped warblers flying from their winter homes in Venezuela to Alberta in six days.

“That’s better than Air Canada!” quipped reeve Kerik.

History Check launch

Kerik said he’d attended the June 21 provincial launch of the History Check mobile app, held in Edmonton. This is the project conceived and (mostly) carried out by Sheila Willis of Smith.

“It went really well,” Kerik said. “She’s got 659 sites on her app. “You can submit user info. The government is right behind her.”

You might as well download it onto your phone, Kerik further advised. “Everything is going to be right there.”

Added councillor Esau: “We commend her for her stick-to-it-iveness.”

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