Local realtor in the running for United Conservative Party candidate

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

A Century 21 real estate agent is in the running for United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate for Lesser Slave Lake.

Jim Sparks says he has always had an interest in politics, adding it really grew in the last election.

Sparks says he has always been a conservative figure whether it’s been with a progressive like the former Conservative Party or the Wildrose party.

Like a lot of people, Sparks moved over to the Wildrose party when there were leadership troubles and a lot of fear.

“Jason Kenney coming along and hitting the scene is the best thing that happened to Alberta in a really long time,” he says.

Sparks says just the other day Kenney was in India doing future trade and continuously growing on the relationship with people.

Sparks says he would like to be a part of fixing what’s wrong and getting Alberta back on track and hopefully even better than before.

Sparks mentions one of the things that he would like to see done is restoring families.

Sparks says that kind of spreads to a lot of different aspects.

“There’s been a lot occurred in Alberta families recently and as a realtor, I’ve seen that with people you know losing their homes and you know divorces and all the difficulties that arise from financial stresses. Ultimately it ends up in the family.

“We need to improve on our economy which in turn is going to help to restore families.”

Sparks states people can’t wait for a change. He says Slave Lake has definitely had challenges, one being with the softwood lumber, but yet the lumber industry has stayed strong and the other being the oil and gas industry, but they have remained strong as well.

“so in the past as diverse as we are, we always kind of got through recessions in a timely manner and sometimes a little easier off than our neighbours.”

Sparks says on Saturday, October 6 the United Conservative Party (UCP) will be hosting a dinner with Jason Kenney, leader of the UCP party at the Slave Lake Inn and Conference Centre.

Sparks says he hopes he will get the chance to speak and has put in a request with the constituency president to do so.

Sparks also mentions there will be a candidates forum organized by the by the local constituency coming too, but no time or date has been assigned yet.

“What I’ve been doing is I’ve just kind of been getting it on the ground in talking with people one on one.”

Sparks says the first part of the election is to pick who will be the UCP candidate. Come May when the general election is called then everybody can go the polls and vote.

“It isn’t the party the who’s picking their leader, so it is among the members.”

“So my goal has been to contact those members get their support and also find new members.”

If people would like to support Sparks and to get their memberships, they can contact Sparks at 780-849-7593.

Memberships cost $10 per person.

Sparks says he is still working as a realtor and won’t be ‘shutting his doors’ quite yet. If he gets elected it will become his full time job.

Jim Sparks

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