Local company helps develop ‘disaster village’ training centre


Employees from PRAX Enterprises were lucky enough to take advantage of the newly expanded “Disaster Village” training center at the Regional Firehall for their annual Emergency Response training which included fire, confined space, and first aid scenarios.

Terry Adelman from PRAX was quick to jump on board in the early stages of the training center expansion at the new fire hall location.

“If Slave Lake can have the best trained firefighters, industrial workers, and it brings people to town to participate in emergency training,” he says. “I would say we are pretty fortunate.”

Adelman approached some Slave Lake companies including Black Pearl Resources, Cardinal Energy, Bulldog Protective Coating and Husky Energy, who didn’t hesitate to donate oilfield props for the site.

With a design drawn up by local engineering student, Jacob Gourley, PRAX then assisted the Fire Department assemble the props, donating approximately $30,000 in labour, equipment and materials.

“Some of my employees even donated their time or did work at a cut rate as they were quick to realize the value of the facility in training them for emergency situations in their workplace,” Adelman says.

Over 300 volunteer firefighters from across Canada recently held their annual conference in Slave Lake and were very impressed with the training opportunities.

Fire Chief Jamie Coutts said the original training center came to life in 2002 and grew with the help of many local companies and people. “Once we moved to the new site, ‘Disaster Village’ was born and this latest plan and expansion has once again been driven locally with the help of companies like PRAX.”

Prax employees in training.

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