Letters to the Editor – from Dr. Terry O’Keeffe

Slave Lake’s pharmacists have gone above and beyond

To the Editor:

As we approach Phase 2 of ‘Relaunch’ in our province, I have been reflecting over the past three months and this difficult time.

In middle of March when the public health restrictions first came into effect, we were bombarded by a deluge of information on Covid 19, such as incidence and death rates around the world, how contagious the virus is, how unpredictable the morbidity/symptoms, who was most at risk, etc. etc.

It was extremely difficult to process all this and to determine just how high our risk level was.

People were bewildered, afraid and highly anxious. Hospitals and medical clinics were deemed to be avoided if possible because of possible risk of infection.

Deprived of close contact and support from their loved ones and faced with the imminent threat of isolation for an indefinite period, where did people turn for help?

In my opinion the local pharmacists in SL went above and beyond during the first month of lockdown and indeed have continued to do so over the past number of months.

They provided excellent advice, endless reassurance and a friendly face. Working long hours under considerable duress. They did everything in their powers to ensure continuity of medications and medical expertise.
I will also applaud the local doctors, nurses EMS workers and all the hospital staff who worked tirelessly during this time.

Sometimes I feel that pharmacists do not get the recognition they deserve.
We are extremely lucky in our small town to have a stable committed group of local pharmacists!

So a huge ‘thank you’ on behalf of all our residents.

Dr Terry O’Keeffe
Slave Lake, AB

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