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Ear plugs or not – change is in the wind

To the Editor:

Re: Commentary – Earplugs an apt symbol for Kenney’s heedless leadership.

Oh how quick the opinion columnist has forgotten how the NDP were during their tenure of office. No, they didn’t use ear plugs, but, instead, outright ignored the opinions and stakeholder input of Albertans in their runaway spending, anti-business / anti-industry heavy-handed policy making – adding insult to injury with small businesses in Alberta.

Even the rare times the NDP was canvassing for stakeholder input was a very controlled, ‘steered input’ consultation; Never offering or allowing options for opinions to be recorded statements that were contrary to the planned direction the NDP wanted to take – from the carbon tax, Bill 6, labour law changes, Bighorn park plans – just touching upon a few of many, many instances.

Contrary to this columnist’s opinion – what Kenney did was witty and was a clear message about the ‘over-the-top’ rhetoric the leader of the opposition and other NDP MLAs felt obligated to spew in the face of a government decision.

I hope the columnist enjoyed the one-and-done term of the NDP as a political anomaly in Alberta’s political history – as it’s not likely to be repeated. Given the multiple instances that NDP leadership and ministers were rude, condescending, non-communicative, and outright disrespectful to Albertans’ at large over the past four years, in their commentary and lack of stakeholder consideration – Kenney has a lot of wiggle room, comparatively, for ‘in-your-face’ antics in speaking to the ‘pout-and-whine’ commentary from the leader of the opposition and the NDP MLAs of discontent.

Your position statement in this article does not, no, is far from representing, the thoughts and feelings of Albertans’ at large. Yes, those public sector workers and civil servants holding union cards should be nervous, as the NDP spent money and made promises holding an empty wallet over the past four years; And, rightfully so, those past NDP promises written solely on the future credit of Albertans, without Albertans’ support or agreement – will be revoked or, minimally, edited; as they should be.

Ear plugs or not, change is in the wind – and for most Albertans, that change is good as long as it does not resemble the past NDP direction in policy.

Scott Astle
Kinuso, AB

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