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A clear admission of over-charging

(Letter originally sent to MLA Pat Rehn’s Slave Lake office manager )

To the Editor:

I am astounded the Alberta Consumer Protection Branch has no jurisdiction on this obvious violation of a tax repeal at the expense of the consumers they are mandated to protect.

Thankfully Suncor, Enerchem, Max Fuels are good corporate citizens and complied with removing the carbon tax from their pricing when the repeal was made.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the MLA’s assistant and the mayor have to shame the owners of local gas stations into doing the right thing.

Apparently you shamed them into not only dropping the carbon tax but also dropping the fuel price an additional 10 cents per litre.

I think that is a clear admission they were overcharging.

Thank you for responding to my email and taking action to see the public receive the tax savings promised to them by the Premier.

Brian Rosche

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