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Green Party election platform an eye-opener

To the Editor:

Recently the Green Party released its election platform for the current federal election. It was an eye-opener to say the least. If ever implemented, the Green proposals would strip western Canada of its wealth and reduce Alberta to a total welfare case, with a massive new wealth transfer from the west to “hydro” Quebec and Ontario. We need to be concerned.

Right now the federal equalization transfer payment system strips Alberta of billions of dollars every year, most of which goes to Quebec, even though Quebec runs account budget surpluses. The Green Party proposal would add to that problem by forcing the West to pay for a massive subsidy to cover the cost of bringing hydroelectric power to areas of Canada that cannot access hydro power. No one knows if this is practical or not, but most likely the answer is ‘no’. With our oil resources, we simply do not need it. It would mainly be Alberta that would be paying for this latest scheme to shut down our petroleum resource.

For the most part, Quebec hydro would swallow up the cash. It would sent the West, over time, back to the days of sod huts and subsistence agriculture. Our urban areas would collapse economically. All of this to be done so Elizabeth May can get votes for her Green Party in Vancouver and Montreal.

We need a party in power that gets our oil to market to reap the rewards of same. We need a government that will invest in clean oil technology. We have tons of coal here and if we got money to waste on promoting subsidy gobbling wind and solar power, we have funds to pay for clean coal research.

With this federal election Canada is at a crossroads both industrially and money debt wise. It is important we vote and in Alberta we have only one real choice. If you believe in the economic interest of this riding, you need to vote Conservative.


Brian Pitcairn
Slave Lake, AB

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