Kinosayo Museum shows off years of local history

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

On June 18 and 19 the Kinosayo Museum in Kinuso held its annual museum days event.

Over the two days, the museum saw over 10 school groups from around the area as well as many locals.

Jennifer Churchill, President of the Kinosayo Museum, says they have held a museum day every year since the museum opened in 1983. She says every year they have some special displays and attractions and sometimes an activity.

Churchill says her great grandmother was the one to start the museum in 1983.

Churchill had worked there as a high school student and went off to university to become a teacher and stayed worked at the museum while she was in university.

“The past president served for about 30 years after my grandmother died, and he was getting older, and this is kind of my passion (local history), so I took over.”

This year the museum displayed local art and local artist Christie Sound came in to talk about art and do a live painting for the kids.

Churchill says locals have donated everything inside the museum, the only thing the museum; has paid for was some of the taxidermies for the animal room display. Some of the animals have a local connection, as the museum has a bear which was shot by a local up in the Swan Hills Area.

“According to the Alberta Museum Association, we have the second largest most complete animal display in Alberta.”

Everything in the museum depicts something from local history says, Churchill.

For example, the museum has a mink display, at one time, the Kinuso area produced one-eighth of the Hudson Bay Company’s mink.

Churchill explains the museum was named after the man who signed Treaty 8. There was one band named Kinosayo, which included Driftpile, Swan River, and Sawridge, but then it split into four individual bands.

“It kind of sounded like Kinuso so when they were coming up with a name in 1983 they wanted something a little fancier than just the Kinuso museum, so they picked Kinosayo.”

Museum worker Rayeann Saitz and museum President Jennifer Churchill with local artist Christie Sounds painting.

Vintage kitchen display inside the museum.

Kinosayo museum in Kinuso Alta.

Newest display at the museum.

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