Justice may be served, eventually

It’s been about 15 months since a Slave Lake man was charged in a bizarre series of incidents involving a police chase, theft of a vehicle, a standoff on Hwy 33 and more. The justice system, overburdened and undermanned as it is, continues to creak along, postponement after postponement. The latest delay in the case is not of the trial – a date for that is probably still many months away – but of the preliminary inquiry. It was set for the 28th of this month, but because of the unavailability of a witness, it’s now going to happen on Oct. 15. Or might happen. The way things are going, it could be put off again. And that is just to determine how the court will proceed.

Eventually something will happen; one possibility is that the system will lose interest.

This is of course just one case, and not even a very serious one, as they go. It’s nothing new that cases get postponed a lot, but our impression is it’s happening more than it used to. Readers may have noticed no court report in The Leader for several weeks in a row – actually getting to be months in a row now. It’s not because we don’t attend court on Wednesdays. We’ve had a reporter there every Wednesday morning – but not one case worth reporting on has been resolved since early March at least. We’ve been asking for comments on this from some people in the system. Answers may be forthcoming, but they won’t likely be satisfactory.

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