June 14 flood update

The washout at Kilometre 16 on Hwy. 88 is expected to be temporarily fixed today, restoring the road connection between Slave Lake and points north. Hwy. 2 by Kinuso was reopened for traffic this morning as well, the Swan River having dropped sufficiently.

According to reports there were some evacuations due to high water near Wabasca, but Hwy. 754 remained open.

Eating Creek east of Slave Lake and Mooney Creek west of Slave Lake both did a fair amount of damage to property, including M.D. roads that the municipality is just beginning to assess.

Rumours of Slave Lake being evacuated – apparently being perpetrated by Edmonton media outlets – were still going around as of Wednesday morning and were just as inaccurate as they were two days earlier when flooding was actually happening. Two areas of the M.D. were evacuated – Marten Beach and Winkler Estates. The order had been lifted for Winkler Estates Wednesday morning. As of 9:37 a.m. the Marten Beach situation hadn’t changed.

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