Job well done by the animal rescue group

It’s not exactly news around here what a dedicated group of volunteers can accomplish. One of these is the Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake, which for over a decade has been grinding out the fundraisers at the same time as doing what its name suggests – rescuing dogs and cats that otherwise would likely end up (in that memorable phrase from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp) ‘taking the long walk through the one-way door.’
ARC’s accomplishments are impressive. Hundreds of dogs have been cleaned up, well-fed and turned over to good homes. A few cats also. How those volunteers managed all that at the same time as raising money for that impressive new facility out by the airport is…. Not exactly a mystery, but very impressive. Big things like that can only happen when you care a lot about what you are doing.
The news does not indicate that the building is finished. The work will continue for weeks and probably months. Financial donations are still needed and very welcome. But it’s a significant milestone and should be regarded as such.

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