It was like an election in the Third World

To the Editor:

We have just exercised our democratic right. What a farce. It was like witnessing an election in a Third World country.

First let me say that I did go online and verify that my husband and myself were on a voters’ list. We did bring photo ID. At the last minute, I grabbed a bill with our legal land description on the front, just in case.

While in line, people were discussing the process to vote. Why had some received electoral cards and many of us did not?

In a few cases, the wife received the card but not the husband. Therefore, unless he was on the voters’ list, he had to have proof of his legal land description.

One family received not only their voters’ cards in the mail but also those of two of their neighbours. All in one envelope.

There was nothing in the newspaper regarding ID other than photo. (For those in towns/cities, rural drivers licences usually list postal boxes only.)

The polling station for Smith was listed wrong. To add more insult, in 2018, the M.D. had renumbered many areas for emergency addresses. Even these were wrong and did not match what was on the voters’ list. Many of those turned away would not be returning, distance being a factor.

Perhaps it is time to return to enumerating, at least in rural areas. It would appear that with all the technology at the government’s disposal they still can not get it right.

It makes one wonder as to the honesty of the whole process. The whole event came off looking poorly.

Sandra Nickel
Smith, AB

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