‘It should be cleaned up soon’

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

One of the clauses of Murphy’s Law has to do with the likelihood of something being cleared up by the time the newspaper story on it comes out. Notwithstanding that, here’s what Alberta Parks had to say last week about the closure of the North Shore day use area in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park.

“It should be cleaned up soon.”

That’s from Calvin McLeod, the regional superintendent for Parks.

The day use area and associated trails have been closed since high winds in mid-June knocked over a lot of trees there and elsewhere in the park and around Gilwood golf course. The ones over the road were quickly removed by Parks personnel. But there were a lot of others that were outside the expertise of those folks, McLeod says.

“It requires specialized equipment,” he says.

Particularly troublesome are the leaning trees, of which there are many. McLeod says Parks went through “the normal process,” of acquiring contingency funding and then recruiting contractors to do the work. This also had to be done around the Boreal Centre.

“It’s a matter of the contractors,” he says. “It should be soon.”

McLeod didn’t say, but what is probably a factor in how cautious Parks is being in situations like this, is that a volunteer trail worker was killed by a falling tree last fall in Kananaskis Country.

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