‘I got fed up’ says former homeless man

Leader staff

If you’ve noticed lately that one of Slave Lake’s most prominent street people is not out there, here’s why: Dolphous Noskiye has quit drinking and has a place to live.

“I got fed up,” he says.

Noskiye had help getting out of the situation he was in. When he visited The Leader office last week, he was accompanied by the team from a traditional healing business called ‘Nine Eagle Feathers.’ It consists of Leo Tanghe, Agi Kohler and nurse Gwen Hall. One thing they’ve been treating Noskiye with is a type of herbal tea.

“That tea works good,” says Noskiye.

“It’s an ancient secret,” says Tanghe, when asked what sort of tea it is. “It’s powerful.”

Noskiye admits it’s a constant struggle to stay sober.

“These guys are helping me,” he says.

Asked what he would say to other homeless people in town, Noskiye says, “Think of your families.”

Dolphous Noskiye (second from left) with the 9 Eagle Feathers team: left to right are Agi Kohler, Leo Tanghe and Gwen Hall.

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