How to improve your chances of winning government contracts

How to improve your chances of landing government jobs is the topic of an information session coming in Slave Lake on May 31. Government contracts, that is. Apparently some contractors are not that familiar with the process and miss opportunities because of it. This has been identified as an obstacle – particularly for local companies that are used to one way of doing things (getting work in the oilpatch, for example) and less familiar with how to qualify for government contracts.
In response, Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake organized the workshop, which is being held at the Legacy Centre next Wednesday. It costs $10 (which includes lunch) and runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Other sponsors are Slave Lake, High Prairie and the M.D.s of Lesser Slave River, Opportunity and the County of Big Lakes.
The workshop focuses on what are called ‘Requests For Proposals,’ (RFP) which is what governments issue when they want bids on jobs. There’s a formal process involved, and it is often the case that bids are rejected on technical grounds.
Also offered is a chance to get to know the municipal government reps and what projects they have going on and coming up. Provincial and federal government reps will also be there.
So how to register? Online at seems to be the recommended method. You could also call Community Futures for more information, at 780-849-3232.

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