Housing matters

You get a few people grumbling about so-called ‘social’ housing. Well, about social anything. They don’t like the word ‘social,’ perhaps because if you put ‘ism’ on the end of it, it turns into the bogeyman and it’s only a short step from there to the bigger bogeyman of communism.

That is apparently how some people think.

But leaving that goofiness aside, it doesn’t matter how robust the economy is; some people are going to be unable to afford market rates of rent. Let alone ever be able to buy a home. This is generally recognized in society and the government’s role in providing below-market housing reflects that acknowledgement.

No system is flawless. Some of the clients don’t take good care of the properties. Some do worse than that. This failure to appreciate what they are being granted rubs a lot of people the wrong way. As you would expect.

But the ones who do appreciate the opportunity, and are good tenants, and do take care of the properties they rent at subsidized prices aren’t the ones you hear about.

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