Hospital should be using washable plates, cutlery, says resident

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Single-use plastic and paper products are great wasters of resources and creators of garbage. A lot of people are starting to dislike this and wonder why we can’t do better.

One of those people is Helen Strebsky, who resides in the extended-care unit of the Slave Lake Health Care Centre. She’s not happy about receiving her meals on paper plates and having to eat them with throwaway plastic forks and knives.

“It’s not acceptable,” says Strebsky.

Strebsky says she asked, and was told it’s because the dishwasher in the hospital is broken. She’s not buying it.

“I was here two years ago and they were using paper plates then. It’s not the dishwasher problem.”

Strebsky further points out that “in Westlock and the city they use normal plates.”

So why not in Slave Lake? Phone calls to the hospital manager, and to Alberta Health Services regional communications people had not been returned by press time.

Coincidentally, this week’s regional commentary (on Page 4, by Richard Froese of the South Peace News) is about exactly this topic. According to him, the movement to eliminate single-use items is well advanced, with all sorts of programs and ideas out there to make it work.

An idea whose time has come? Maybe, and at least one person in the hospital thinks it’s high time the hospital paid attention to it.

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