Week of January 26 – February 1

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20
Various opportunities may be coming your way soon, Aries. Some unique business dealings may suddenly provide some options that you never had before.

TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21
Taurus, the time has come to focus on the relationships in your life, especially a romantic one. That means spending more time with a spouse or a significant other.

GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21
Gemini, after many weeks of trying to solve a difficult problem, you have a classically clever move of inspiration. The time for big changes is now.

CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22
Put some domestic plans in motion, Cancer. Devote extra time this week to fun activities with a son, daughter or another family member. Get creative with ideas.

LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23
A wonderful breakthrough occurs when you least expect it, Leo. If you have had real estate on the mind, it could be to that end. Enjoy your well-earned success.

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22
Brilliant insight needs an outlet, Virgo. You may have just the thing in a plan for a book, craft project, educational experience, or much more.

LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23
Libra, you are looking for solutions, but you may be focused on short-term fixes instead of looking at the long-term picture. Don’t get caught up in the here and now.

SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22
Everyone can benefit from a rebranding of sorts, Scorpio. Start jotting down ideas of what you want to accomplish and how to put your best foot forward.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21
It’s time to cut through some brain fog that has been preventing you from moving forward, Sagittarius. Start by removing all outside distractions and getting down to business.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20
Capricorn, just when you thought your reached your quota for good ideas, you have a eureka moment later this week. Take full advantages of all opportunities that arise from it.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18
Don’t take a “wait and see” attitude pertaining to your career, Aquarius. You need to grab the bull by the horns and make your own breaks. Don’t procrastinate.

PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20
Immerse yourself in a project that taps into the skills that you have long been afraid to develop, Pisces. It’s good to push yourself at times.