Home-based nail business booming

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Home-based nail business Gel Moments is taking off around the country for several women including Slave Lakes own Makala Bell.

Bell says she has been doing nails with Gel Moments for a little under two years. She says her two year anniversary is coming up this Halloween (October 31).

Bell explains she got into Gel Moments as a mom who wasn’t doing things for herself; always putting her kids first.

“I always put myself on the back burner.” she says. “The most I would do was maybe my makeup, everything else was no, I don’t need that, I don’t need to indulge.”

Bell says that it was just a way for her to do something for herself.
Bell originally started out buying Gel Moments as a customer but a short time later she says people began to notice the product; how long lasting and durable it was and they wanted to test it out.

“It snowballed from there.”

People wanted to become Bell’s customers and others wanted to become distributors and join her Gel Moments team.

Bell says she has approximately 50 to 60 customers but on her Gel Moments Facebook group she has about 300 followers who like to see what she does.

Bell also has two people who come to her to get their nails done so they don’t to have to do their own.

Bell does not advertise that she does nails but will do it if people ask her.

In the future Bell would like to go to school to get her certificate in gel nails.

“That is ultimately my long term goal but I just can’t afford the schooling at the moment.”

Bell says her favourite thing about Gel Moments is that she can change her polish when ever she wants and she can do it herself.

Bell also says she has a few favourite polish colours which are Amalia, a bold teal sea green and a new product that just launched called Sensationelle, a bright neon pink colour.

Bell says Gel Moments also does parties which are mainly done via Facebook online because it is easier with everyone’s schedules but will do in home parties if people want. She said the way a Facebook party works is she will set up an event or group and invite people to it. Then they will get to see all the content and I will do demos through live videos.

Bell adds Gel Moments is a Canadian brand based out of Montreal, Quebec and it is a fairly new company that started up three years ago. She is very excited to be a part.

Makala Bell displaying her products.

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